Why Should You Choose a Professional Outdoor Lighting Company?

Why Should You Choose a Professional Outdoor Lighting Company?

Hiring a professional outdoor lighting company is worth more than installing the lights yourself if you plan to invest in landscape lighting. As a homeowner, you’ll get tempted to opt for DIY outdoor lighting installation. However, you’ll have difficulty choosing the best landscape lighting design for your home as many outdoor lighting designs exist.

When installing outdoor lighting, one must figure out the bulb type, light fixtures, and type of ambiance they desire. You must also check the impact of the lights on the people around you. Besides, you need basic knowledge of electrical work, which most homeowners lack. Only professionals can handle the electrical work.

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Eliminate the Stress of DIY Installation

A lot goes into outdoor lighting installation, including electricity, wiring, and heavy equipment. You may get tempted to install the outdoor lighting by yourself and save money. However, the chances are high that the lights will fail prematurely or you’ll get electrocuted. Why risk your life over DIY installation when a professional can help you?

Expert Outdoor Lighting Knowledge

A professional outdoor lighting company can help you select the best lighting fixture that matches your style and lighting needs. They understand the different types of lights for various applications, such as path lighting, wall lighting, and poolside lighting. Contact a professional if you want to install LED lights in your outdoor kitchen or other focal points.

Warranties and Maintenance 

Outdoor lighting fixtures require regular maintenance due to their exposure to weather conditions. This ensures they are in good working condition, reducing the repair and replacement costs. Thankfully, professional lighting companies offer warranties to protect customers and guarantee high-quality lighting. You get more than the expertise.

Hiring a Professional Outdoor Lighting Company

When your outdoor lighting gets implemented poorly, you risk your safety and money. However, when a professional outdoor lighting company installs the outdoor lights, you will enjoy the safety and ambiance of your outdoor spaces. You’ll minimize the potential risks involved and maximize your investment’s benefits. 

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3 Contemporary Outdoor Lighting Designs

3 Contemporary Outdoor Lighting Designs

Your outdoor living space deserves to be beautiful and conspicuous at night, and you can achieve that by investing in contemporary outdoor lighting. Modern outdoor lighting designs can transform your yard into a more livable space. When you install the best contemporary lighting designs, you’ll prolong your stay outdoors even after the sunset.

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What are some contemporary outdoor lighting designs to consider for your home?

If you dream of enjoying summer evenings by the pool or spending time outdoors with friends or family, light up your outdoor space to give it a sophisticated look. Besides incorporating a modern twist into your home, contemporary lighting designs can improve your home’s safety and security. Let’s find out how.

  1. Magical Water Lighting Effect
  2. Outdoor Dining Pendant Lights
  3. Contemporary Beam Lighting

1) Magical Water Lighting Effect

If you have water features around your home, you can install modern lighting fixtures to incorporate a mystical feel into your home. Illuminate your pond or fountain with a soft light to reflect them off. You may also install pond lights beneath the water to highlight aquatic plants while maintaining a minimalist feel in the entire yard.

2) Outdoor Dining Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are great additions to an outdoor dining space. They incorporate a cozy feel into your dining space when hung on the pergola, gazebo, or deck. Consider using architectural designs for the pendant lighting to add a contemporary twist to the dining area. Use light fixtures with materials that complement your outdoor furniture.

3) Contemporary Beam Lighting

If pendant lighting is not your favorite, you can try contemporary outdoor beam lighting. This lighting design illuminates your outdoor elements by giving a bright ambient light to surfaces, creating a more comfortable space for your guests. The sleek light beams complement any outdoor table, creating a more sophisticated look.

Contemporary Outdoor Lighting to Enhance Your Landscape

If you plan to install landscape lights in your home, use a contemporary outdoor lighting system to make the outdoor space more inviting at night. Add a few string lights, accent lights, and wall lighting fixtures. Also, remember to use modern lighting fixtures for path lighting. Finally, use solar-powered LED light sources to save money on energy bills.

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All About LEDs for Outdoor Lighting Design

All About LEDs for Outdoor Lighting Design

LED lighting technology is increasingly becoming popular in landscape lighting, making outdoor LED lighting the number one choice for homeowners. You’ve probably noticed that everyone is embracing the LED lighting technology in their home exteriors and landscaping. People are shifting their focus from traditional incandescent bulbs.

LED lighting has become the best choice of lighting for outdoor applications. It’s an environmentally-friendly way to make your outdoor space more inviting and secure at night. Besides, LED light bulbs are bright enough to illuminate focal points in your outdoor living space, such as patios, pathways, and gardens.

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What Are LEDs?

Light-emitting diode (LED) is a lighting technology that emits light more efficiently than incandescent light bulbs by 90 percent. These lights pass an electrical current through microchips, illuminating tiny light sources known as LEDs. Any heat generated by the light gets trapped by a heat sink, allowing the entire light bulb to stay relatively cool.

How Long Do They Last?

Unlike incandescent light bulbs, LED lights can remain functional for many weeks since they don’t suffer burnout. They can only undergo “lumen depreciation,” in which the LED light bulbs dim slowly with time. Expect LED light bulbs to work for an average of 50,000 hours. However, high-end LED light bulbs can emit light for up to 100,000 hours.

Benefits of LEDs for Outdoor

LED lights outshine incandescent light bulbs due to their numerous benefits. They come in a vast range of tints, making it easy to select what matches your style and aesthetic needs. LED lights can also conserve energy, helping you save more money on lighting. Besides, you won’t need to replace LED lights more often because they last longer.

Illuminate Your Outdoor Space with Professional LED Lighting

You can make your outdoor space more inviting at night with outdoor LED lighting bulbs that match your style. These energy-efficient bulbs are helpful in various types of lights, including path lights, patio lights, deck lights, string lights, and flood lights. You can also use bright LED bulbs for accent lighting and security lighting with a professional’s help.

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Choosing the Right Outdoor Lighting Color Temperature

Choosing the Right Outdoor Lighting Color Temperature

Outdoor lighting is a great way to increase your home’s aesthetics, especially when you choose the right outdoor lighting color temperature. Besides, outdoor lights can help improve your home’s safety and security at night. You can also install lighting fixtures in your outdoor space to highlight focal areas, including pools and entertainment areas.

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But before installing any light bulb in your outdoor space, you need to find the lighting color temperature that matches your style. The standard measuring unit for color temperature is in kelvins (K). It measures the visible light color to install in your outdoor area, from dull red to yellow, white, blue-white, and eventually blue. 

What Color Temperature is Used Outdoors?

When investing in outdoor lighting, consider color temperature to determine the kind of light color that matches your home’s style. The number of kelvins (K) determines the intensity of the light shade. The lower the kelvin, the warmer the light color. As the kelvin rises, the closer the color moves towards cool white.

Different Color Temperature Ranges

If you plan to install LED bulbs, consider each bulb’s outdoor LED color temperature before investing. LED lighting color temperatures fall in the following ranges.

  • Warm Light (2000K – 3000K): Most incandescent light bulbs fall within this range. They produce a nice, cozy, warm white light with few red or blue tons.
  • Cool White Light (3100K – 4500K): The light fixtures offer a hint of blue color, creating a stunning cool white light to give a clear view of the surrounding.
  • Blue Light (4600-6500K): The light color that falls within this range imitates natural moonlight and is ideal for security lighting. It’s crisp and clear, highlighting focal points in your home.

Using Color Temperature in Specific Areas

You can use different color temperatures to highlight various spots in your home. Lights with color temperatures within 2000K – 3000K are ideal for highlighting entertainment areas. The light brings a sense of calming relaxation to make your guests comfortable.

If you want to highlight beautiful plants, consider installing white LED light that falls within 3100K – 4500K. It gives your garden a more natural garden light highlighting its natural vibrant colors. You can also use this light color on sheds, stairs, and workshops.

Installing the Best Outdoor Color Temperature Lighting

Choosing the right outdoor lighting color temperature can make your outdoor living space more inviting. Use the best color choices for various architectural elements in your home, from warm white to cooler color temperatures. AM Garden can help you customize your outdoor color temperature to match your home’s style.

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Using Undercap Lighting in Your Outdoor Design

Using Undercap Lighting in Your Outdoor Design

Undercap lighting is an excellent way to make your garden or backyard conducive for night parties and get-togethers. With this lighting design, you can make your outdoor living space more comfortable and secure for your guests. It makes your garden more useful even after the sun goes down. This guide explores how undercap lighting works.

Undercap lighting is one of the most reliable techniques to enhance any outdoor living space. This lighting design involves installing light fixtures to shine down and illuminate an area, provide safety, and extend dimensions in the outdoor space. The good news is that you can use undercap lighting in many spots.

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What is Undercap Lighting?

Well, undercap lighting is an incredible technique where light fixtures are installed to illuminate the space beneath a structure, a wall, or bench. This helps define the space, improve safety along paths, and create unique dimensions for your garden space. Undercap lighting is popular for illuminating the area below objects.

Where Undercap Lighting Can Be Used

Now that you know what undercap lighting is, you may wonder where to use this lighting technique. Here are some of the places to install undercap lighting.

  • Sitting Benches: Install the undercap lighting in your outdoor benches to define their edges and highlight the benches’ artistry. Use it on the seats near fire pits.
  • Accent Walls: You can add flair to your retaining walls by installing undercap lights. This will increase the wall’s dimension and highlight its beautiful elements.
  • Steps and Stairs: Undercap lighting helps to increase the safety of your steps and stairs by illuminating each step. This reduces the risk of stair-related injuries.
  • Fire Pits: Undercap lights can highlight the gorgeous stones used to build fire pits. They can create a beautiful halo effect around your fire pit.
  • Outdoor kitchens: If you love cooking outdoors, consider installing undercap lights in your outdoor kitchen to light it up. Add the lights under the countertops.

The Benefits of Undercap Lighting

Undercap lighting has numerous benefits for homeowners, such as improving a home’s aesthetics. You’ll be able to create a stunning and seamless look in your outdoor living space, making your home beautiful at night. This landscape lighting design also boosts the safety and security in your backyard. It prevents thieves from hiding in your home.

Design Your Outdoor Undercap Lighting with AM Garden

As a homeowner, don’t hesitate to invest in undercap lighting now that you understand how its applications and benefits. Let a professional help you install the lighting fixtures to make your home more functional and beautiful at night. Our experts at AM Garden can help you figure out the best undercap lighting design that matches your style.

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