Why Low Voltage LED Landscape Lights are Superior to Solar Alternatives

Why Low Voltage LED Landscape Lights are Superior to Solar Alternatives

In the world of landscape lighting, two options stand out: Low-voltage LED lights and their solar-powered counterparts. Both aim to enhance outdoor spaces, providing ambiance, safety, and functionality after the sun sets. However, when it comes to reliability, performance, and versatility, low-voltage LED landscape lights emerge as the superior choice.

Let’s look at some of the reasons that low-voltage LED landscape lights offer numerous advantages over solar alternatives in terms of performance, reliability, versatility, and longevity.

Consistent Performance

One of the primary advantages of low-voltage LED landscape lights is their consistent performance regardless of weather conditions. Unlike solar lights, which rely on the sun’s energy to recharge, low-voltage LEDs draw power directly from a reliable electrical source. This ensures uninterrupted illumination even during cloudy days or in shaded areas, offering consistent brightness throughout the night.

Durability and Longevity

LED lights are renowned for their durability and longevity, outlasting solar lighting options. Low-voltage LED landscape lights are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, including rain, snow, and extreme temperatures, without compromising performance. Additionally, LED technology consumes less energy, reducing operating costs and environmental impact over the long term.

Brightness and Intensity

LED technology is renowned for its ability to produce bright and intense light, making low-voltage LED landscape lights an excellent choice for various applications. For instance, Alexander Michael’s low-voltage landscape lights emit 400 to 600 lumens of light, which is significantly higher than the 55 lumens typically produced by solar fixtures. You can learn more about Lumens here if you’re interested.

Versatility and Design Options

From sleek and modern fixtures to rustic and traditional designs, low-voltage LED landscape lights offer a wide range of styles to complement any outdoor aesthetic. Furthermore, LED lights are available in various shapes and sizes, allowing for versatile placement and installation options.

Whether you require upgrading from solar to low-voltage landscape lighting or you are interested in beginning with a high-quality system from the start, Contact Alexander Michael’s to schedule your free design Consultation today.


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Outdoor Kitchen Lighting: 5 Outdoor Lighting Accessories to Install

Outdoor Kitchen Lighting: 5 Outdoor Lighting Accessories to Install

Outdoor kitchen lighting makes the patio more stunning and allows you to be part of the party during food preparation. Outdoor lighting also reduces tripping hazards and fatal accidents at night, and helps your guests to interact while spending time outdoors.

What are some good outdoor kitchen lighting ideas?

Many aspects of the outdoor lighting accessories contribute to your space’s appearance. For example, under-counter lighting illuminates the space beneath cabinets to help with food prep, while pathway lights illuminate flowers and make it safe for your guests to walk to the yard.

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  1. Under-Counter Lighting
  2. Pathway Lighting
  3. Ceiling Fan Lights
  4. Work Space Lighting
  5. Accent Lighting

1) Under-Counter Lighting

Under-counter lighting is good if you prepare or serve food outside at night. It helps the visitors see their food during meals. Installing the under-counter lighting bulbs under the kitchen cabinets illuminates the space, making it ideal for meal prep. Notably, this lighting option can also set the mood for outdoor living. 

2) Pathway Lighting

Besides making the walkways safer for your visitors, pathway lighting can also set the mood for your dining experience. Buy solar-powered path lights for landscape lighting to make your flowers more visible at night, so visitors won’t step on them when walking to the outdoor kitchen area. 

3) Ceiling Fan Lights

A lighting designer will advise a homeowner to install a ceiling fan to reduce heat from the cooking area. Adding lights to the fan also makes the space more beautiful and comfortable. The air current from the ceiling fan is also perfect for keeping mosquitoes away. Besides, a dining area with perfect outdoor lighting accessories makes food preparation more manageable and the party better. 

4) Work Space Lighting

Cooking outside requires you to see all the ingredients and mix them in perfect portions. Pendant lights will be a good option for this role as they illuminate the ideal amount of light in your working space. These lights are available in various designs. For example, you can buy those that hang from the ceiling, illuminating light on the countertop.

5) Accent Lighting

If you are looking for ambient lighting, accent lighting is the best choice. You can make the lights warm to set the mood of outdoor sitting. In addition, accents are simple and make the space feel cozy. 

Set the Mood for Entertaining Guests in Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor space brings a good mood for a party, but they feel better with beautiful lighting accessories for outdoor kitchen lighting. Depending on your taste and needs, you can get different types of lights for your outdoor living.

Join the conversation today for more outdoor kitchen lighting ideas.