Using Undercap Lighting in Your Outdoor Design

Using Undercap Lighting in Your Outdoor Design

Undercap lighting is an excellent way to make your garden or backyard conducive for night parties and get-togethers. With this lighting design, you can make your outdoor living space more comfortable and secure for your guests. It makes your garden more useful even after the sun goes down. This guide explores how undercap lighting works.

Undercap lighting is one of the most reliable techniques to enhance any outdoor living space. This lighting design involves installing light fixtures to shine down and illuminate an area, provide safety, and extend dimensions in the outdoor space. The good news is that you can use undercap lighting in many spots.

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What is Undercap Lighting?

Well, undercap lighting is an incredible technique where light fixtures are installed to illuminate the space beneath a structure, a wall, or bench. This helps define the space, improve safety along paths, and create unique dimensions for your garden space. Undercap lighting is popular for illuminating the area below objects.

Where Undercap Lighting Can Be Used

Now that you know what undercap lighting is, you may wonder where to use this lighting technique. Here are some of the places to install undercap lighting.

  • Sitting Benches: Install the undercap lighting in your outdoor benches to define their edges and highlight the benches’ artistry. Use it on the seats near fire pits.
  • Accent Walls: You can add flair to your retaining walls by installing undercap lights. This will increase the wall’s dimension and highlight its beautiful elements.
  • Steps and Stairs: Undercap lighting helps to increase the safety of your steps and stairs by illuminating each step. This reduces the risk of stair-related injuries.
  • Fire Pits: Undercap lights can highlight the gorgeous stones used to build fire pits. They can create a beautiful halo effect around your fire pit.
  • Outdoor kitchens: If you love cooking outdoors, consider installing undercap lights in your outdoor kitchen to light it up. Add the lights under the countertops.

The Benefits of Undercap Lighting

Undercap lighting has numerous benefits for homeowners, such as improving a home’s aesthetics. You’ll be able to create a stunning and seamless look in your outdoor living space, making your home beautiful at night. This landscape lighting design also boosts the safety and security in your backyard. It prevents thieves from hiding in your home.

Design Your Outdoor Undercap Lighting with AM Garden

As a homeowner, don’t hesitate to invest in undercap lighting now that you understand how its applications and benefits. Let a professional help you install the lighting fixtures to make your home more functional and beautiful at night. Our experts at AM Garden can help you figure out the best undercap lighting design that matches your style.

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