Every homeowner desires to make their homes beautiful even at night, and that’s where color-changing LED lighting comes in handy. You can brighten your outdoor space by installing colorful lights in your landscape. Your home will look stunning at night.

Besides improving your home’s curb appeal at night, installing a color-changing LED light bulb will improve security around the home. You’ll feel safe at home as the lights will keep away thieves. Thankfully, LED lighting saves on energy costs.

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Types of Color Changing Lighting

The color-changing lighting technology has revolutionized the landscape designing sector. Advancements in LED lighting have hastened the development of the following types of color-changing lighting:

  • Lighting the Landscape for Security: Color-changing lighting improves your home security by brightening all the dark areas. It illuminates your landscape to scare off potential intruders.
  • Lighting the Patio for Beauty: You can install colored light bulbs on the eaves of your patio. Project the lights downward to highlight your patio. Everyone walking on the streets will want to turn their heads and admire your home.
  • Lighting Your Curb Appeal: Install colored bulbs in flower beds to emphasize your plants. This will make your landscape stand out among other homes. You can use several color combinations on your outdoor elements.

How Color Changes Mood

Color-changing light bulbs can make your outdoor space more inviting, making them a perfect choice for mood lighting. You can change the colors from blue to red, purple, and green, depending on the mood you want to create in your home. For instance, red, orange, and yellow can evoke higher arousal emotions like love, happiness, or passion.

Mobile App for Easy Control

You can conveniently create your landscape lighting design with a color-changing lighting app. The app allows you to change the light bulb colors remotely depending on your desired theme. Invest in a highly versatile lighting automation app for a magical lighting experience. You can set up the lights for a special occasion like Christmas.

Get Creative with Full Color LED Landscape Lighting 

So far, you understand how a color-changing LED lighting system works. You can brighten your space with a color option that matches your style. Invest in smart light technologies to automate and control lighting remotely. If you have trouble choosing color lights that match your style, let AM Garden help you get the best lights kit.

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