One of the best ways to make your home stand out in the evening is by installing exterior wall lighting. Wall lanterns and sconces come in a variety of colors, styles, designs, and sizes to suit your home’s unique look. Homeowners choose outdoor lighting either for security purposes or to make landscaping stand out at night.

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First, you’ll need to know what your purpose for new outdoor lighting will be. Is it to provide light for safety purposes, or to accent a new addition to your home garden? There are many types of outdoor wall lighting that can be used to create different effects for your desired look. Let’s see what options homeowners can choose from:

Exterior Sconces

A sconce is indoor or outdoor wall-mounted lighting that comes in different styles to give specific effects to the exterior of your home. These can be used to create ambiance for backyard parties, or with motion sensors for security such as in floodlighting. You can also choose outdoor wall sconces that match the style of your home. 

  • Flush Mount
  • Semi Flush Mount 
  • Wall Lanterns
  • Barn Light
  • Bulkhead Light
  • Spotlights
  • Floodlights

Security Lighting

A big reason for outdoor wall lanterns is to provide security from crime. With a well-lit outdoor area, you’re ensuring no predators can hide on your property. Motion sensor spotlights and floodlights come with different settings so they won’t go off with smaller motions from animals. It’s also handy to have motion-detected light if you’re coming home late and didn’t leave lights on, so you won’t be tripping over stairs or searching for keys in the dark. 

Wall Light Styles

You can also choose light fixtures that complement the style of your home and your unique tastes in outdoor decor. Today’s LED outdoor wall lights are made to suit anything from simple and modern to eclectic or timeless. Outdoor lighting comes in a variety of the following style choices:

  • Coastal
  • Modern
  • Traditional
  • Country
  • Rustic
  • Mission
  • Industrial

Full-Color Lighting

Another modern way to illuminate your landscape is with full color LED lighting options. These lights come in a range of different colors and can be controlled easily through a mobile app. The beams can shine upward, downward, or both for numerous lighting design options with your specific outdoor space. These wall sconces look beautiful in backyards, front porches, pergolas and more.

Choosing Innovative Exterior Wall Lighting for Your Home

When you decide on the look you’re going for with your exterior wall lighting upgrade, it’s time to start design and installation. Get in touch with our team at AM Garden today to discuss outdoor lighting options for your home and find the perfect match. 

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