Get a Natural Effect with Outdoor Down Lighting

Get a Natural Effect with Outdoor Down Lighting

Nothing can make your lawn more beautiful and conspicuous at night than outdoor downlighting. Every homeowner enjoys the bright light from the moon at night. But since you have no control over the moon, you need something to brighten up your landscape when there’s no moonlight. That’s where down lighting comes in handy to provide light.

Downlighting is the mounting lighting fixtures high in the trees or tall structures to illuminate the ground below. Installing light fixtures on trees creates a dappled light effect, making your landscape look beautiful at night. It creates the feeling of moonlight. You can also install downlights from the gazebos, arbors, and gutters.

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What Does Downlighting Do?

Downlighting is the installation of lighting fixtures as high as 20-30 feet to illuminate the landscape below it. It’s an excellent alternative to moonlight because it creates lighting that looks and feels natural at night. Downlighting from the trees is the most sought-after lighting for driveways, patios, and lawns. You can use LED bulbs to save energy bills.

Moonlighting and Floodlights 

Moonlighting involves downlighting from trees. You can mount lights high in the trees within your landscape. It allows the light to shine naturally through the branches and leaves to create a dappled effect on the ground. Conversely, floodlights are another landscape lighting option that illuminates a broader area in a landscape. 

Gazebo and Arbor Lighting

You can also light up your outdoor living space by installing lights on the eaves and beams inside a gazebo or arbor. That will help you achieve a low-level illumination to add comfort to your outdoor space. Position the fixtures in the corners or beneath the peaks to hide them from the view. Low wattage lamps with wide beam angles are ideal.

Create Natural Beauty with Outdoor Downlighting

With outdoor down lighting, you can create a beautiful landscape that looks attractive at night. Consider installing LED light bulbs to reduce energy consumption. Also, use light fixtures made of stainless steel to prevent rusting. If you don’t know how to install the downlighting fixtures, you can let AM Garden help you brighten up your space at night.

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