Expert Path Lighting Design & Inspiration

Expert Path Lighting Design & Inspiration

You can transform your outdoor living space with expert path lighting design. There are many ways to illuminate your front or backyard paths at night. The category of pathway light design you choose depends on your style because each option has pros and cons.

Pathway lighting is essential because it ensures safety and security at night. It makes your outdoor space beautiful in the dark. Before choosing a path lighting inspiration for your home, check various designs’ features, pros, and cons.

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Traditional Path Lighting

Traditional path lighting systems have two parts: a top hat with the bulb and a post supporting the entire fixture. There are many designs of these path lighting fixtures, some coming with flower shapes. These fixtures direct light downward onto the path.

The good thing about traditional path lighting fixtures is that they are versatile. You can use them to illuminate several pathways in modern landscapes. Unfortunately, they are more susceptible to damage. Kids playing around the lawn can destroy the fixtures.

Moon Lighting 

Also known as downlighting, moonlighting illuminates a landscape area with soft light from above. Light fixtures are mounted high above trees to cast light downward over a specific target. Most people love the lighting systems because they cover wide areas.

Since down-lighting fixtures are installed high in the trees, they are safe from damage by kids throwing balls around the compound. The major drawback is that it needs high-rising platforms. That means tall trees and buildings must be along the pathways.

Directional Path Lights 

These lighting systems work like traditional lighting. However, you can adjust the fixture to change the light direction. Rather than a top hat, the fixture has a directional head that can be adjusted or swiveled to light up the pathways on your landscaping.

The good thing about directional lighting fixtures is that a light beam can be adjusted at a particular angle to shield your eyes from the light. It gives you control over the light effects. Unfortunately, they are not fit for illuminating wider areas.

Beautiful Path Lighting Designs for Your Outdoor Space

With these landscape lighting ideas, you can select a path lighting design that matches your style. Pick a lighting fixture that’s easy to install and can produce enough amount of light on your paths. Thankfully, there are different types of outdoor fixtures, including wall lights, solar lights, flood lights, bollard lights, and deck lighting fixtures.

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