Garden Maintenance


Keep your front and backyard outdoor areas refreshed throughout the year with our garden maintenance plans.

Taking care of your garden can become a chore, especially when you have a full schedule or not enough experience. Our landscaping company will help maintain the health and look of your home’s outdoor plants.

Garden Care

From winterizing to monitoring plant growth, our team offers a variety of services to keep your plants, trees, and shrubs healthy throughout the changing temperatures of the Houston environment.

Weeding & Mulching

Without proper attention, your garden could become overrun with weeds and pests. Our team uses organic gardening methods to reduce weeds and place mulch around your landscaped areas.

Yard Cleaning

In the Spring season, many flowers and plants need healthy soil and irrigation to bloom correctly. Alexander Michael’s offers a variety of spring cleaning services for your front and backyards to maintain your curb appeal.

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Brighten up your outdoor spaces with our landscape maintenance services.