Why Should You Choose a Professional Outdoor Lighting Company?

Why Should You Choose a Professional Outdoor Lighting Company?

Hiring a professional outdoor lighting company is worth more than installing the lights yourself if you plan to invest in landscape lighting. As a homeowner, you’ll get tempted to opt for DIY outdoor lighting installation. However, you’ll have difficulty choosing the best landscape lighting design for your home as many outdoor lighting designs exist.

When installing outdoor lighting, one must figure out the bulb type, light fixtures, and type of ambiance they desire. You must also check the impact of the lights on the people around you. Besides, you need basic knowledge of electrical work, which most homeowners lack. Only professionals can handle the electrical work.

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Eliminate the Stress of DIY Installation

A lot goes into outdoor lighting installation, including electricity, wiring, and heavy equipment. You may get tempted to install the outdoor lighting by yourself and save money. However, the chances are high that the lights will fail prematurely or you’ll get electrocuted. Why risk your life over DIY installation when a professional can help you?

Expert Outdoor Lighting Knowledge

A professional outdoor lighting company can help you select the best lighting fixture that matches your style and lighting needs. They understand the different types of lights for various applications, such as path lighting, wall lighting, and poolside lighting. Contact a professional if you want to install LED lights in your outdoor kitchen or other focal points.

Warranties and Maintenance 

Outdoor lighting fixtures require regular maintenance due to their exposure to weather conditions. This ensures they are in good working condition, reducing the repair and replacement costs. Thankfully, professional lighting companies offer warranties to protect customers and guarantee high-quality lighting. You get more than the expertise.

Hiring a Professional Outdoor Lighting Company

When your outdoor lighting gets implemented poorly, you risk your safety and money. However, when a professional outdoor lighting company installs the outdoor lights, you will enjoy the safety and ambiance of your outdoor spaces. You’ll minimize the potential risks involved and maximize your investment’s benefits. 

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Choosing the Right Outdoor Lighting Color Temperature

Choosing the Right Outdoor Lighting Color Temperature

Outdoor lighting is a great way to increase your home’s aesthetics, especially when you choose the right outdoor lighting color temperature. Besides, outdoor lights can help improve your home’s safety and security at night. You can also install lighting fixtures in your outdoor space to highlight focal areas, including pools and entertainment areas.

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But before installing any light bulb in your outdoor space, you need to find the lighting color temperature that matches your style. The standard measuring unit for color temperature is in kelvins (K). It measures the visible light color to install in your outdoor area, from dull red to yellow, white, blue-white, and eventually blue. 

What Color Temperature is Used Outdoors?

When investing in outdoor lighting, consider color temperature to determine the kind of light color that matches your home’s style. The number of kelvins (K) determines the intensity of the light shade. The lower the kelvin, the warmer the light color. As the kelvin rises, the closer the color moves towards cool white.

Different Color Temperature Ranges

If you plan to install LED bulbs, consider each bulb’s outdoor LED color temperature before investing. LED lighting color temperatures fall in the following ranges.

  • Warm Light (2000K – 3000K): Most incandescent light bulbs fall within this range. They produce a nice, cozy, warm white light with few red or blue tons.
  • Cool White Light (3100K – 4500K): The light fixtures offer a hint of blue color, creating a stunning cool white light to give a clear view of the surrounding.
  • Blue Light (4600-6500K): The light color that falls within this range imitates natural moonlight and is ideal for security lighting. It’s crisp and clear, highlighting focal points in your home.

Using Color Temperature in Specific Areas

You can use different color temperatures to highlight various spots in your home. Lights with color temperatures within 2000K – 3000K are ideal for highlighting entertainment areas. The light brings a sense of calming relaxation to make your guests comfortable.

If you want to highlight beautiful plants, consider installing white LED light that falls within 3100K – 4500K. It gives your garden a more natural garden light highlighting its natural vibrant colors. You can also use this light color on sheds, stairs, and workshops.

Installing the Best Outdoor Color Temperature Lighting

Choosing the right outdoor lighting color temperature can make your outdoor living space more inviting. Use the best color choices for various architectural elements in your home, from warm white to cooler color temperatures. AM Garden can help you customize your outdoor color temperature to match your home’s style.

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Using Undercap Lighting in Your Outdoor Design

Using Undercap Lighting in Your Outdoor Design

Undercap lighting is an excellent way to make your garden or backyard conducive for night parties and get-togethers. With this lighting design, you can make your outdoor living space more comfortable and secure for your guests. It makes your garden more useful even after the sun goes down. This guide explores how undercap lighting works.

Undercap lighting is one of the most reliable techniques to enhance any outdoor living space. This lighting design involves installing light fixtures to shine down and illuminate an area, provide safety, and extend dimensions in the outdoor space. The good news is that you can use undercap lighting in many spots.

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What is Undercap Lighting?

Well, undercap lighting is an incredible technique where light fixtures are installed to illuminate the space beneath a structure, a wall, or bench. This helps define the space, improve safety along paths, and create unique dimensions for your garden space. Undercap lighting is popular for illuminating the area below objects.

Where Undercap Lighting Can Be Used

Now that you know what undercap lighting is, you may wonder where to use this lighting technique. Here are some of the places to install undercap lighting.

  • Sitting Benches: Install the undercap lighting in your outdoor benches to define their edges and highlight the benches’ artistry. Use it on the seats near fire pits.
  • Accent Walls: You can add flair to your retaining walls by installing undercap lights. This will increase the wall’s dimension and highlight its beautiful elements.
  • Steps and Stairs: Undercap lighting helps to increase the safety of your steps and stairs by illuminating each step. This reduces the risk of stair-related injuries.
  • Fire Pits: Undercap lights can highlight the gorgeous stones used to build fire pits. They can create a beautiful halo effect around your fire pit.
  • Outdoor kitchens: If you love cooking outdoors, consider installing undercap lights in your outdoor kitchen to light it up. Add the lights under the countertops.

The Benefits of Undercap Lighting

Undercap lighting has numerous benefits for homeowners, such as improving a home’s aesthetics. You’ll be able to create a stunning and seamless look in your outdoor living space, making your home beautiful at night. This landscape lighting design also boosts the safety and security in your backyard. It prevents thieves from hiding in your home.

Design Your Outdoor Undercap Lighting with AM Garden

As a homeowner, don’t hesitate to invest in undercap lighting now that you understand how its applications and benefits. Let a professional help you install the lighting fixtures to make your home more functional and beautiful at night. Our experts at AM Garden can help you figure out the best undercap lighting design that matches your style.

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6 DIY Landscape Lighting Mistakes to Avoid

6 DIY Landscape Lighting Mistakes to Avoid

DIY landscape lighting mistakes are common among homeowners who don’t want to involve professionals in their outdoor lighting projects. Installing the lighting by yourself can save you the cost. However, you may end up with a poor landscape lighting design.

What are some mistakes that DIYers make with outdoor lighting?

Hiring professional lighting designers guarantees a beautifully lit landscape. You can opt for strategic uplighting on trees and vital architectural features to make your landscape more attractive. Unfortunately, that’s impossible with DIY lighting.

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  1. Unrealistic Project Budget
  2. Wrong Fixture Location
  3. Lighting Glare
  4. Inferior Lighting Products
  5. Too Many Fixtures
  6. Not Enough Fixtures

1) Unrealistic Project Budget

While the lighting effect is the most crucial part of landscape lighting, it doesn’t mean that you should buy low-quality fixtures. Prepare a realistic budget for the fixtures and materials for installing them. Don’t invest much in cheap fixtures because they wear out quickly when exposed to sunlight, rain, and snow.

2) Wrong Fixture Location

Another costly mistake is installing fixtures in the wrong places, such as path lighting in turf areas. In that case, the fixtures can quickly get damaged. Don’t install the fixtures on lawns where hedgers and mowers pass because they can destroy the fixtures. Instead, install the fixtures on flower beds or core points to illuminate.

3) Lighting Glare

Most DIYers don’t always consider the effects of glaring lights. The primary objective of landscape lighting is to create a light effect that illuminates landscape elements and not the light source itself. If the light coming directly from the lamp is too bright for the eyes, it distracts your eyes from the overall effect you are trying to create.

4) Inferior Lighting Products

Most DIYers go for cheaper, low-quality products when buying landscape lighting lamps and fixtures. Unfortunately, these products have short lifespans. The best thing to do is hire a professional lighting designer to help you buy high-quality lighting fixtures.

5) Too Many Fixtures

You don’t need to install many fixtures on a landscape to make it look more beautiful. Unfortunately, that’s one of the biggest mistakes most DIYers make. Too many lights on the pathways make them look like airport runways and can blind you rather than help you see where to step. Strategically fixing a few lights encourages soft lighting.

6) Not Enough Fixtures

While most homeowners usually use too many lighting fixtures, some may install a few. Unfortunately, a few lighting fixtures may not bring out the desired effect. If you notice some dark areas after installing some landscape lights, consider adding some lighting to illuminate the remaining dark spots.

Avoid These Mistakes by Working with the Experts

These DIY landscape lighting mistakes are avoidable. The best way to prevent such errors from occurring is by hiring a professional lighting designer who understands all the landscape lighting ideas. The good news is that AM Garden can help you through each step of the process.

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In-Ground & Well Lighting Tips for Your Outdoor Space

In-Ground & Well Lighting Tips for Your Outdoor Space

One of the best ways to illuminate your outdoor space and make it more inviting at night is installing inground and well-lighting fixtures. These up-lighting fixtures can highlight your home’s architectural features and landscaping elements, such as plants, trees, and fountains. It’s the best way to light up your landscape without cluttering it with fixtures.

If you don’t like lighting fixtures sticking up from your landscape’s surface, you better part with in-ground and well lighting. These outdoor lighting options offer directional light upward but are unobtrusive. In other words, they don’t stick out from the surface. The fixtures are less likely to get damaged during lawn care.

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Benefits of In-Ground and Well Lighting

In-ground and well lights are safe because they are installed below the ground or leveled with the ground surface. This lighting option reduces tripping over them, especially when you have kids playing in the landscape. Here are the other benefits.

  • There are many beautiful styles of well and in-ground lights, making it easy to choose what fits your style
  • You can choose the lighting fixture material that suits your needs, whether stainless steel or antique bronze
  • You can install the lighting fixtures near your favorite shrubs and flowers on your landscape

Where In-Ground and Well Lighting Should Go

These lighting fixtures can be used in accent and ambient lighting. For accent lighting, install the lights at the base of trees and other decorative elements in your landscape to make them conspicuous at night. But when it comes to ambient lighting, space the lights evenly around your home’s perimeter to make your home glow.

Choosing the Best Well Lights for Your Landscape

Since there are many designs of well lights, you need to choose the fixtures that match your style. For instance, you can opt for well lights with flat tops or shielded surfaces.

Well light fixtures also come in various materials, including copper, brass, and stainless steel. Remember to choose the fixtures that can withstand your climate. For instance, brass and copper are suitable for humid climates.

Professional Landscape Lighting Design and Installation

Inground and well lighting is a sleek, modern way to brighten up your home’s exterior at night. When installed by professionals, the stylistic lights will add beautiful illumination to your landscape. That’s why you should never hesitate to hire AM Garden for help.

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Outdoor Specialty Lighting to Consider for Your Landscape

Outdoor Specialty Lighting to Consider for Your Landscape

One of the best ways to make your outdoor living space more inviting at night is outdoor specialty lighting for landscape designs. The lighting design you choose must bring the right feel and look that match your mood and style. With a vast range of custom lighting fixtures, you’ll find what suits your outdoor space. Invest in what will boost curb appeal.

As a homeowner, you want to make your landscape look beautiful and scenic at night, and that’s where specialty lighting comes in handy to help you. You may never find a template design to light up your home. You have to pick a lighting design that highlights your home’s central theme to make it more appealing.

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Custom Lighting Designs

You can design custom lighting fixtures that match your landscape design, especially when you hire an expert to help you bring the perceived designs into reality. Look for custom designs of brass and copper of high quality and longevity. However, aluminum and powder-coated custom lighting fixtures are also available.

Moon Globes

You can make your yard more welcoming at night with moon globe lighting designs. The globe is spherical at the top and has a hidden flat base for stability, although it looks like a whole globe. Moon globes come in varying sizes, from 10-inch to 30-inch in diameter. These globes can come with or without lights, with the lighted options having batteries. The good thing is that you can remotely switch the moon globes on and off.

Stained Glass Lights

Stained glass lights are a great addition to your landscape as it comprises attractive materials, for instance, solid copper, sculpted bronze, and colored stained glass. The stained glass lights are handcrafted using high-quality materials to make a landscape stand out. The good news is that these lighting bulbs can withstand severe climates and weather conditions. They can retain their beauty for many years after installation.

Creating a Fully Customized Landscape Lighting Design

Nothing makes your yard more stunning and inviting at night than an outdoor specialty lighting system. You can customize the landscape lighting design to match your home style. This guide has covered some lighting designs to transform your outdoor space into a paradise at night. Besides, AM Garden can help you with each step of the installation process.

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