Should You Update Your Landscape Lighting?

Should You Update Your Landscape Lighting?

Wondering whether or not to upgrade or add to your existing outdoor / landscape lighting?

Do you have an older lighting system that either does not work very well or not at all? LED technology has advanced in a significant manner over the last five years. As one example, in 2020, scientists even developed a technique that allows for a single LED to produce all three primary colors, which allows the manufacturers full-spectrum, multi-color lights! Imagine having the ability to change the color of your lights, via a mobile application, based on the season of a special day. IE. Christmas colors, blue for law enforcement support, pink for valentines day, etc. LED technology is a great option for exterior lighting. As opposed to traditional halogen light systems, LED has lots of benefits, including energy efficiency, durability, low cost, and low maintenance.

But I have a 120-volt system. Can I upgrade to LED?

120-volt systems are a great alternative for commercial applications, where several hundred feet of coverage is required. If you currently have a 120-volt system, consider this: Each of those bulbs are consuming approximately 60 watts of power, whereas an average LED fixture will consume only 7 watts. And, if your system has antiquated Halogen bulbs, you could expect to use 80% less energy with LED technology. Also, a typical LED lamp has a life expectancy of approximately 45,000 hours. To put that into perspective, if you have your LED system turned on every night, for eight hours a day, you could expect these bulbs to last 15 years, or longer!

What can I expect LED maintenance to cost?

Regular maintenance, usually every one to two years, is recommended to avoid costly repairs. We offer a free one-year maintenance plan at Alexander Michaels Garden, Landscape, And Outdoor Lighting. We will check your system bi-annually forbad bulbs, overgrown vegetation, transformer connections, and wire that has become unburied. All outdoor lighting systems will require maintenance, but LED will require less maintenance and repair over the years.

Do you want your outdoor lighting system updated or retrofitted?

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Transform Your Landscape Lighting With Color!

Transform Your Landscape Lighting With Color!

Whether you want to add to an existing landscape lighting system or begin a new design from scratch, kick your design element into high gear by adding color. Alexander Michaels Garden, Landscape, And Outdoor Lighting can design and install a light color-changing system that will set your design apart from the rest.


Download a user-friendly APP that connects your smart device to the main transformer. Control the light color and lighting schedule for holidays and special occasions with the app’s simple “click” of a button. You can take the stress out of holiday decorating. No more weekends spent untangling lights or climbing ladders. With the touch of a button, your home lighting will be ready for Christmas, Halloween, or the 4th of July. You can even schedule the lights to change color on a set date, and they will change automatically every year! Then, it is very simple to change your system back to more traditional warm or cool lights for the remainder of the year.

Up Lights And Down Lights

Up and down-lights are available in various wattages and come in aluminum and brass finish options.

Path Lights And Tiki Torch Lights

Whether you are illuminating the path to your front door or around a pool or patio, these lights give you a perfect blend of mood and safety lighting.

Unique Features


Top Reasons Why Landscape Lighting Is Worth The Money

Top Reasons Why Landscape Lighting Is Worth The Money

  1. Provides Safety And Security
    • Bad guys (and girls) simply do not like to be seen and will be less likely to target your home if it is tastefully illuminated. Landscape lighting enables you (and your neighbors) to see anyone making their way to your house. Even if you use night vision security cameras, footage will be much clearer and more useful to the authorities.
  2. Enhance The Usability Of Your Outdoor Spaces
    • Do you enjoy entertaining like we do? If the answer is yes, landscape lighting will unlock a realm of possibilities. On mild evenings, open your outdoor space for guests to congregate in beautifully illuminated surroundings. There is nothing like fresh air as you enjoy the company of friends and loved ones.
  3. The Investment Makes Sense
    • Have you recently invested in new landscaping, water features or hardscapes? Why not also enjoy the fruits of this investment once the sun goes down!? Experts say that we should invest 1% of our home’s value in landscape lighting. Hopefully, once you invest in new landscape lighting, you will be in your home for many years to come. But, in the instance that your home goes onto the market, nightscape pictures are valuable for your listing. And you can count on a potential buyer to drive by your home at night.
  4. Provides A Safe Environment For Your Family And Friends
    • If it is the main walkway to your front door or a stone path through your backyard, pathway lights add a touch of elegance and safety. Pathway lights are also extremely effective at highlighting hardscape features along any walkway. Also, don’t forget about that dark driveway. Bollard style lights, installed in a staggered fashion, will add a 5-star resort look and feel to your home.

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