Outdoor lighting is a great way to increase your home’s aesthetics, especially when you choose the right outdoor lighting color temperature. Besides, outdoor lights can help improve your home’s safety and security at night. You can also install lighting fixtures in your outdoor space to highlight focal areas, including pools and entertainment areas.

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But before installing any light bulb in your outdoor space, you need to find the lighting color temperature that matches your style. The standard measuring unit for color temperature is in kelvins (K). It measures the visible light color to install in your outdoor area, from dull red to yellow, white, blue-white, and eventually blue. 

What Color Temperature is Used Outdoors?

When investing in outdoor lighting, consider color temperature to determine the kind of light color that matches your home’s style. The number of kelvins (K) determines the intensity of the light shade. The lower the kelvin, the warmer the light color. As the kelvin rises, the closer the color moves towards cool white.

Different Color Temperature Ranges

If you plan to install LED bulbs, consider each bulb’s outdoor LED color temperature before investing. LED lighting color temperatures fall in the following ranges.

  • Warm Light (2000K – 3000K): Most incandescent light bulbs fall within this range. They produce a nice, cozy, warm white light with few red or blue tons.
  • Cool White Light (3100K – 4500K): The light fixtures offer a hint of blue color, creating a stunning cool white light to give a clear view of the surrounding.
  • Blue Light (4600-6500K): The light color that falls within this range imitates natural moonlight and is ideal for security lighting. It’s crisp and clear, highlighting focal points in your home.

Using Color Temperature in Specific Areas

You can use different color temperatures to highlight various spots in your home. Lights with color temperatures within 2000K – 3000K are ideal for highlighting entertainment areas. The light brings a sense of calming relaxation to make your guests comfortable.

If you want to highlight beautiful plants, consider installing white LED light that falls within 3100K – 4500K. It gives your garden a more natural garden light highlighting its natural vibrant colors. You can also use this light color on sheds, stairs, and workshops.

Installing the Best Outdoor Color Temperature Lighting

Choosing the right outdoor lighting color temperature can make your outdoor living space more inviting. Use the best color choices for various architectural elements in your home, from warm white to cooler color temperatures. AM Garden can help you customize your outdoor color temperature to match your home’s style.

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