Captivating Flood and Accent Lighting Effects

Captivating Flood and Accent Lighting Effects

Flood and accent lighting is used to create many kinds of effects in your outdoor space. Your unique garden design and landscaping customizations come with a plethora of ways to light up when the sun goes down. So what are some good options to choose from when it comes to outdoor lighting design? 

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Professional landscape lighting designers can help you choose from beautiful outdoor lighting effects such as floodlighting, step lights, garden lights, and spotlighting. Each light fixture serves a specific purpose in illuminating your yard and its surroundings. Let’s take a look at these options and what they have to offer homeowners: 

What Are Floodlights?

Homeowners choose floodlights for their homes to illuminate vast areas of space, providing security in the area. These types of light fixtures are good for deck lighting and spaces with steps or stairs that are covered by large trees. When choosing floodlights, look for LED floodlights with a good IP factor. This is known as “ingress protection”, which rates the level of resistance your lighting has toward outdoor elements. 

Outdoor Accent Lights

Your outdoor lighting designer can help you choose from a wide range of accent lighting that will work wonders for your garden. Step lights can be used if you want to add some light to your outdoor steps without using a floodlight in the area. Up and down wall lights are a good way to add a wall wash of light source to your home’s architecture. Garden lights can bring out the flowers and plants in your landscape design.   

Landscape Spot Lights 

Spotlighting is a fantastic way to light up focal points in your yards such as water features and custom flower beds. This landscape lighting technique has been used in many of our outdoor lighting designs to bring attention to the unique statues and plants that complete the garden’s design. Get in touch with our team of experts for your consultation and we can discuss spotlighting that will brighten your space like never before! 

Choosing the Best Outdoor Lighting Effects for Your Space

With so many flood and accent lighting ideas to choose from, you’ll want to be sure you’re working with the best team for the job. At Alexander Michael’s, we provide homeowners with 25 years of experience in landscape lighting design. AM Garden will be happy to help you find the best lighting for your outdoor space that will work wonders for years to come.

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